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Leaders in supporting the used mobile device industry

Experts in Used Device Grading | Software | Data Removal | Warehousing

Our Services

All your used handset services under one roof

As trusted partners we work with all major resellers and distributors to quickly and efficiently service your used mobile stock so you can get on with your day to day business.
Being independent industry experts, BlankIT™ takes the hassle out of your used mobile stock delivering a tailored service that meets your specific needs and deadlines.

Over 1 million mobile devices serviced,
here's how...

Quality Assurance

We have a 7 tier grading system from A+ to D, well known within the industry

Data Erasure

We take your handset stock and securely wipe it to your required standard


We can securely re-flash your stock & unlock it to work with another provider


BlankIT offer a secure space for our customers to store their stock while its being processed

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Quality Control
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Data Erasure
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Trusted By

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and many more...

Why Us
Trusted By

Why are we different?

For many of our customers, BlankIT™ is seen as part of their in-house expert servicing team.

With over 22 years experience in the used mobile industry we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop and streamline our software, systems, technology and security to enhance and deliver your stock back to you so you can resell to your customers with complete confidence.

Continuous improvement is in our DNA!

What our customers say

Young businessman


Purchasing & Logistics Director

A1 Comms

Previously, one of our biggest issues in purchasing 2nd life stock was ensuring we received consistently high-quality devices to the standard we require. Once we introduced BlankIT into our process by requiring all 2nd life stock to undergo a standardized QC test, our inflow has been exactly as we requested.  BlankIT undoubtedly has been part of our success with high consumer satisfaction scores.


Commercial Demand Planner


We use BlankIT as our go-to company for unlocking, but really to us they are much more. BlankIT are always quick to respond with some advice or information which is invaluable to our business. I would recommend their service and more importantly their people to any business





Since dealing with BlankIT we have seen our handset return rate drop 10 fold, we are 110% comfortable with the stock that we supply to our customers, these guys are truly experts at what they do


Managing Director


We have partnered with BlankIT  for the last 5 years, they process our graded handset stock and they send us a full report which includes the grades and faults. BlankIT save us a huge amount of time having to process these ourselves. The team at BlankIT are all very professional and polite. We would recommend them to any business 

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