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Quality Control
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Keeping it simple ...

How we grade your used handset stock

We are experts in grading used handsets for the mobile industry.

 BlankIT™ will cosmetically grade your stock with our 7 tier grading system from A+ to D.  This system is well known throughout the industry, meaning your stock will maintain a constant value no matter where you trade.

The grading process

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The “BlankIT Virtual Rubber Stamp Of Approval”.


Once your stock is graded your stock will now be seen as more saleable within the market place, providing you with peace of mind of its value

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What is the BlankIT portal?


The online portal will provide a full history of the IMEI/ handset: Model, grade and the date BlankIT completed the tests (just like an MOT certificate)

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What is the advantage of using BlankIT for grading?


We are independent to the industry, ensuring all handsets are graded to the same standard

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What happens after grading?


We can separate your stock for you into grades, we can allocate specific warehouse space for your stock and dispatch directly to your customers if required

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How is the stock tested

or graded?


Each handset is tested and logged onto our BlankIT portal against the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Customers can then trace each handset in the portal 

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BlankIT's Warehousing Service



You have the option of using our warehousing services to store your stock plus much more. Contact us to find out more.

BlankIT boasts 50+ quality inspection checks. During quality inspections we complete a full fault diagnostics to ensure that your devices work like when newly manufactured, making sure that they are as they should be.

With BlankIT's quality inspection you'll receive an 'Independent in-depth report' which will underline all the qualities of your stock with a A+/Pristine to D Grade basis.

Contact us to grade your stock

Need another service?

7 tier grading explained

Each industry requires a slightly different grading system. Our 20 years + experience means we can take the hassle out of this process and you can be guaranteed we will test your stock to your specific market.

Cosmetic Grade

Above grading is correct at time of publishing but will vary

Who we grade for

No matter of size or business type we will cater for all your quality inspection requirements.

We specialise working with:

  • Mass retailers, online and store based

  • Insurance industry

  • Independent retailers

  • Traders

  • Repair centres

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