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Data Erasure

Security guaranteed for you and your customers

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BlankIT Secure Erasure

We carry out all forms of Data Erasure on a daily basis to meet differing customer's requirements. From a simple factory reset through to a full Infosec 5 military standard wipe. We adopt the use of various software tools to carry out the requested data destruction to ensure our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that no data breaches will occur after BlankIT has carried out its work. All certifications can be produced upon request.

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Secure Data Erasure is at the very core of BlankIT

What our customers say about our Data Erasure

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Quality Assurance

We have a 7 tier grading system from A+ to D, well known within the industry

Data Erasure

We take your handset stock and securely wipe it to your required standard


We can securely re-flash your stock & unlock it to work with another provider


BlankIT offer a secure space for our customers to store their stock while its being processed

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Quality Control
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Data Erasure
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What else can we do?

Security Guaranteed

Our secure data erasure ensures InfoSec 5 Data Destruction with a compliant certificate.

Added Security

As part of BlankIT's data wipe process we can also re-image the individual handset. This stage ensures there is another layer of security, our system guarantees you protection against identity theft. 

WEEE Compliant Physical Destruction service

Total peace of mind, this certificate is issued  when the devices data has been totally destructed.





Since dealing with BlankIT we have seen our handset return rate drop 10 fold, we are 110% comfortable with the stock that we now supply to our customers, these guys are truly experts at what they do.

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