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BlankIT's other services

Apple DEP, Samsung Knox & Android Enterprise

Our customers come to us for all their Apple DEP, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment and Android Enterprise needs as we make it bespoke to their criteria and they receive a professional service every time.
Authorized Apple Service Provider
Samsung Knox Mobile
Android Service Provider

Triage For Faulty Devices

Our customers buy batches of "Non Working" devices and need to understand what the actual condition is. We can triage the stock, separate and send to the desired route for sale, repair or disposal.

Mac/Windows OS Data Wipe & OS Load

We have a proven track record of being able to Data Wipe, OS Load and QC over 1200 MacBooks per week! We have extensive knowledge in this area thus able to help you if needed.

Need another BlankIT service?

Quality Assurance

We have a 7 tier grading system from A+ to D, well known within the industry

Data Erasure

We take your handset stock and securely wipe it to your required standard


We can securely re-flash your stock & unlock it to work with another provider


BlankIT offer a secure space for our customers to store their stock while its being processed

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Quality Control
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Data Erasure
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Manual Configuration

Many customers require BlankIT to provide an accessory handling service, this is simply preparing the handset for resale by including new accessories, manuals and reboxing. Our services can include: Reboxing and Relabelling, Production of IMEI labels, Adding new chargers or cables.

SIM / Asset Pairing

We often get asked to asset tag devices, load DEP or MDM software, add a SIM card, Setup user accounts and add all data onto spreadsheets for various authorities or businesses. 

Buy Back, Trade In

We offer the full package whereas our customers can have stock delivered directly to us from the end-user. We will receive and QC each device within one day and upload our findings for the end-user to receive a swift payment. We can then triage the stock into the various routes required. If the quote to the end-user is not accepted, we can return the device directly for example.

Stock Viewing

Due to being independent, we can hold your stock in a secure area that is available for potential bidders to view the sales parcels ahead of bidding. We can arrange times that prevent cross over.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Especially due to Covid-19 but even beforehand, we are a company that can be officially used for your DR or BC plans. We can align processes, train staff and be on standby to ensure the continuation of your business should the inevitable happen! We independently store your hardware in a specific "disaster box" to be accessed if there is a requirement to do so.
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