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Be confident with Warehousing and Logistics

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Warehousing and Logistics

BlankIT offers independent and discrete warehousing where your stock can be managed without compromising your contacts.
If you need to control your inventory in your own individual way,  BlankIT have designed a system so that we can accommodate yours.
Within our logistics and operations we can carry out other used handset services:
  • Stock neutralising
  • Pick, Pack & Dispatch
  • Inventory Management

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Need another service?

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If you need to move your stock in and out of the UK easily, BlankIT can provide a secure 

location to help your business do this

Instead of needing to bare the costs of setting up a physical location, why not use BlankIT?
We have customers that use our address (Care Of) as their own warehousing address where we do the physical part of the job. This way, when no stock needs to be handled on your behalf, you have no overhead costs...our staff simply work on another account. 

What our customers say


Commercial Demand Planner


We use BlankIT as our go-to company for unlocking, but really to us they are much more. BlankIT are always quick to respond with some advice or information which is invaluable to our business. I would recommend their service and more importantly their people to any business

Since dealing with BlankIT we have seen our handset return rate drop 10 fold, we are 110% comfortable with the stock that we supply to our customers, these guys are truly experts at what they do


Managing Director


We have partnered with BlankIT  for the last 5 years, they process our graded handset stock and they send us a full report which includes the grades and faults. BlankIT save us a huge amount of time having to process these ourselves. The team at BlankIT are all very professional and polite. We would recommend them to any business 




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