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Our Brand New Website Launches!

When it comes to design, we're like a fish out of water. Knowing that we're literally a bunch of techies that more have an eye for 1's & 0's we needed to draft in some experience. Enter Alison of Influential Design to save the day!

BlankIT website video content
Blankit's new website design

A Depth of Knowledge

Alison thankfully guided us towards our fresh-looking logo (as below) and now a website. ( She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create our website with remarkably little interaction. Once we had talked through the ethos of the company, our future direction and the general "look and feel" we wanted, she picked up the baton and just ran with it!

Alison's knowledge is seemingly limitless in the area of design for business. Whether it be for websites or for promotional material for branding and packaging etc.

Why have we changed our website?

Whilst working on presentation packs with Alison, we were receiving potential new business calls from people saying they had come across our website. If, upon hearing that, we cringed, it had obviously become high time we revisited its usefulness and freshened it up a little. We hope you like it!


Would we recommend Alison?

Well, from this post I'd hope you would obviously conclude yes! Here are the details you really should use to get in contact:

Alison Evans


BlankIT Logo


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